A550 Diesel Treatment

More Power. Less cost.


Actioil A550 Diesel Treatment for all kinds of Diesel & Engines

Actioil A 550 is designed for the protection of diesel tanks, engines and systems. It prevents all engine failures due to fuel deterioration or alteration. Actioil A550 stabilizes and purifies the fuel. The diesel regains its original quality and optimizes the operation and performance of the engines. It is compatible with all types of diesel (Bio, Synthetic, Pure)


Your benefits:

  • sustainably removes deposits in the diesel injection system as well as in the combustion chamber
  • Protects the tank and the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear by applying a nano-protective film
  • Inhibits bacteria and prevents their recurrence
  • Increases the lubricity of the fuel and thus reduces wear and tear
  • Prevents burning and gumming up of nozzle needles
  • CETANE-BOOST: increases the cetane number and improves the ignitability of the Diesel
  • ensures smooth engine running due to anti-knock effect
  • prevents clogging caused by synthetic- or biofuels (EMAG, HVO, etc.)
  • atomizes water particles in the fuel
  • Prolongs the storage stability of the fuel 
  • improves fuel stability at cold temperatures down to - 28°C


► Reliable systems regardless of age, weather and diesel

► Vessels, tanks, reservoirs and combustion systems without corrosion by oxidation

► Longer fuel life with consistent quality

► Lower fuel consumption, high performance and longer service intervals

You will receive more detailed information about the application during the ordering process. 

  • Remove the tank cap to estimate the degree of bacterial contamination. If the bottom of the tank is covered with a black layer of silt, we recommend flushing beforehand.
  • When the vehicle tank is at most 30 percent full, fill with A230 Actisuper at the following dosage: 1 liter for 100 liters (1 percent of the total tank volume).
  • (Change or clean the fuel filters for greater effect)
  • Fill up the tank before you start the car and enjoy the ride. The effect is noticeable immediately after the treatment.
  • Repeat the procedure once every 6 months or every 10,000 km to keep the effect.


  1 liter plastic canister
  5 liter plastic canister
  20 liter plastic canister
  200 liter metal drum
  1.000 liter IBC
  20.000 liter Steeltank


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