Actioil, the best thing that can happen to your tanks, your engines and the environment.

The most effective add for modern fuels

Actioil - stop losing power

Modern fuels, especially those with bio-fractions, are susceptible to microbial contamination: filters become clogged and, due to natural condensation, water collects in the tanks, encouraging the growth of bacteria as well as fungi. This leads to plaque formation and faster oxidation of the diesel fuel, increased wear and consumption in the fleet and in the storage and distribution infrastructure - and uneven combustion. Bio- and synthetic content in the fuel further exacerbates these problems.

The Mission

With Actioil, we solve all the challenges facing classic and innovative fuels, from refining to transport and storage to combustion. The focus is thus on increasing efficiency and protecting the environment.

What's in it for me?

Short: you save money, maintenance and protect the environment - HATTRICK

Longer: The result through the Actioil effect is optimized fuel, clean tank systems and cleaned, more efficient engines, you save on consumption, wear and maintenance costs of your vehicles and machines. You can easily use bio and synthetic fuels without negative effects, such as clogged filters or increased consumption.
Even now in winter up to -28°C.

Actioil for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil

Reduces fuel consumption.

Protects your engines, filters and tanks.

Reduces maintenance costs.

Eliminates negative effects of synthetic and biological fuels.

Tested and approved by leading manufacturers.

Your benefits



Do you see black when your tank is empty?

Actioil offers you the most effective cleaning for your tank systems, fuel reservoirs and for your vehicles as well as machinery fleets, both for systems with gasoline and all types of diesel. Cleaned filters and injectors in vehicles.

  • Clean yard gas stations and tankers.
  • No more mechanical cleaning of large tanks.
  • No silt, no plaque, no water replacement.




How often do you change your filters?

Actioil reduces your injector, filter and oil changes. By cleaning the system, protecting it from corrosion, Actioil products significantly increase the life of all components.

  • Nano layer protects against corrosion.
  • Oxidation processes in the system are stopped.
  • Fuel quality remains stable.
  • Anti-lubricants reduce wear.




Less costs - sounds good?

High costs for fuel, maintenance, repair - Actioil treatment alleviates this pain. The cleaning and protective effect of Actioil, the increase in fuel quality, opens up enormous savings potential.

  • No more need for expensive branded fuels.
  • Service intervals are extended.
  • Mileage of your vehicles will be increased.
  • Older engines are coming back on tour.


BIG PLUS for the environment:

Through the direct savings, the possibility of using new E- or Bio-fuels and the more efficient combustion or deflagration of the fuels in the engine, users measurably contribute to the protection of the environment. Would like to test it?

Experience of our customers:

The logistics and technical fleet department manages a fleet of trucks. After a test, it was decided to use the Actioil solution for the entire fleet. Each vehicle tank was treated as well as two large fuel reservoirs.

City of Marseille, Herr Christoph Blanc, Director Technical Fleet Department.

November 2020

For us as a company, Actioil is a super investment in the fleet. The reduced consumption in the fleet has convinced us to treat our vehicles.

Johannes Bär, Managing Director of Element GmbH

Juli 2020


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