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The use of Stock Cleaner bring's back high quality Diesel, even during extended storage, it ensures clean tanks and reliable machinery. Stock Cleaner protects against contamination by bacteria, sludge, sediments and dilution (diesel pest) of fuels. Stock Cleaner is the chemical cleaner for storage tanks and fuel reservoirs from 1000 liters. For fuel oil, diesel and off-road diesel with synthetic as well as bio content.


  5 liter plastic canister
  20 liter plastic canister
  200 liter metal drum
  1.000 liter IBC
  20.000 liter Steeltank

Here you can download brochures detailing the benefits, mode of action and application of Actioil Stock Cleaner.

Actioil Stock Cleaner - stationäre Tanks .pdf

Actioil Marine Stock Cleaner.pdf für Maritime Anwendungen 

Treatment method:

Dosage: 3 liters of Actioil Stock Cleaner to 1,000 liters of heating oil/diesel fuel for mobile machinery or equipment. For the first time, after that the Dosage is 1:1000.
Use: Pour into a reservoir filled up to 30 percent, carry out filling, leave to act for 2 hours after use.

Protection period: 3 years


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