5L A550 Performance

For all diesel systems. With only one treatment every 6-8 months you get all the benefits of Actioil. Actioil A550 Performance for diesel, biodiesel and synthetic E-fuels.

  • Eliminates negative effects of biodiesel
  • Protects & cleans your engine and tank
  • Increases the efficiency of your system
  • Works from the first drop

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Details on the use of Actioil can be found here.

Actioil A 550 is designed for the protection of diesel tanks, engines and systems. It prevents all engine failures due to fuel deterioration or alteration. Actioil A550 Performance for all types of diesel is applied once every 6-8 months and can significantly reduce the consumption and exhaust emissions of your vehicles. Dosage: 500 ML of A550 Performance for a tank up to 100 liters. Actioil is simply filled into the tank during the refueling process at the gas station.

✓ Tested and approved by leading manufacturers

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm
Security Data Sheet (SDS)

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