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By using Actioil you save money, time and protect the environment. It is very easy to use and low in dosage. Depending on the type of application, you get the full effect of our products at a dosage between 0.1% and 1% of the total tank volume. You will receive detailed instructions with your order. For an offer or more information, please contact the national offices or use our contact form below.

Storage Tanks treated with Actioil. Each Tank 60.000 Liters of Fuel


Fuel Storage. Actioil can longer the duration of storage and guarantee high quality fuel

Four Trucks in a queue for Actioil diesel treatment


Stronger. Faster. Cleaner.

Actioil - Stop losing power!

Four Trucks in a queue for Actioil diesel treatment
yellow power unit / aggregate from the brand CAT


Industry: Use Actioil to higher the performance and fuel efficiency in your machine parks.


Higher the reliability in your equipment with Actioil.

Ships & Boats

Actioil for more efficient offshore logistics. Reduce environmental impact and save money.

agricultural machines harvesting on the field


Reliable Fuel, all year!

Actioil A550 Dieselpower

Treatment for Diesel

Actioil A550 is specially designed for the protection of diesel fuels. It prevents in diesel engines all engine failures due to deterioration or alteration of the fuel. Your advantages:

  • Less consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Less emission

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Actioil A230 ActiSuper

The Solution for gasoline

Actioil A230 ActiSuper is designed for gasoline engines, tanks. It restores the quality of your fuel system, cleans your tank system as well as the engine and provides lasting protection against corrosion. You'll measure these improvements across your fleet:

  • Less consumption
  • Less wear
  • Less emission
  • More power (OCTANBOOST)

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Gamme ActiSuper
Actioil Stock Cleaner

Especially for storage tanks from 1000 liters +

Stock Cleaner is the chemical cleaner for storage tanks and fuel reservoirs. For fuel oil and diesel with synthetic as well as bio-fractions. The Effect:

  • No water on the bottom
  • Stop corrosion in the tank 
  • No fungi's and sludge 
  • More Power in the Diesel (CETANE)
  • Longer lasting with the same quality

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Onlineshop & Individual Support

Please write us a message for individual support or use our Shop to test the Actioil Effect. Through our online store you can purchase up to 12 liters privately. For business customers and larger orders please contact us via the contact form below.

We offer all products in different sizes

250 Milliliter-bottles

1 Liter can

5 Liter can

20 Liter can

200 Liter Drum

1.000 Liter I.B. Container

20.000 Liter steel tank


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We answer your questions and are happy to help. We are known for our individual approach to each customer.

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