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Pictures from petrol station. Showing three Pump Pistols for: Super gasoline 95, Super gasoline E10, Diesel with Biodiesel B7

If you can see such contamination at the pump, it would be naïve to assume that things are different in your tanks.
This circumstance costs you a lot of money, effectiveness and provides higher pollution. This is the silt that multiplies in combination with oxidation, condensation and water, contaminating your filters / injectors and partially entering the environment as fine dust emission.

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Reviews Bus company CARENE Region

After several unsuccessful tests of other products, we contacted the company ACTIOIL, which has proven to be a true partner. They offered us directly to test their product to treat our vehicles affected by recurrent pollution. The tests proved to be very satisfactory. The contamination has now completely disappeared from the fuel. This treatment is renewed once a year for our entire bus fleet.

Via Goolge Reviews ★★★★★

I have used Actioil A550 in my 5 year old diesel. The result is brilliant! Since use (about 7000 km ago) I save 10 percent fuel. The engine runs much smoother and especially on hills it has noticeably more power. The stuff has alone from the costs already in the first month! Just ordered the second bottle! Thank you! To the review

Christoph Lahrmann
Via Goolge Bewertungen ★★★★★

Einfach nur super ? Habe das Produkt (A550) von einem Freund empfohlen bekommen. Die Lieferung war schnell und gut verpackt. Klare Anleitung und Einweisung.
Das Ergebnis hat uns überrascht!
Super Produkt, gerne wieder?

Johanna Schörnick
Via Goolge Bewertungen ★★★★★

Motorausfälle bei der Arbeit beweißt das wir schon viel früher anfangen hätten sollen uns darüber gedanken zu machen. Wir haben bei der Anwendung von A550 nicht nur Geld gespart und somit bessere Leistungen geliefert, aber interessieren uns nun auch mehr gutes in der Umwelt zu bewirken. Jede Firma in Landwirtschaft und Baufahrzeuge sollte anfangen Actioils Produkte anzuwenden. Danke!

Michael G.
Via Goolge Bewertungen ★★★★

Deutlich spürbar mehr Power, allerdings war kein Einfülltrichter im Lieferumfang enthalten. Deshalb nur 4 Sterne!

Julez Gun
Via Goolge Bewertungen ★★★★★

Good for boat!

Dimitry Hachsky

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Fuel filters and bacteria test. Before and after the treatment with Actioil. Please send us your own experiences with Actioil.


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