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> The environment

Actioil, a long-term commitment for the environment

Starting from the observation that the oil industry and all derivative sectors bring a sad contribution to the pollution of our environment, Actioil has decided to become environmentally responsible and support the fight against the release of CO2 through concrete action.


Commitment through its products

Actioil products are designed to optimize engine performance using diesel, fuel oil or off-road diesel.

By improving the combustion of these fuels, Actioil products help reduce harmful emissions released into the atmosphere by the engines and boilers. 

The amounts of CO2, smoke and particulate emissions from the engines treated with Actioil products are significantly reduced.

Actioil products dedicated to cleaning storage tanks avoid any treatment of residues in the tank bottom. The handling of toxic and polluting products is avoided like the actions of potentially dangerous and energy-costly reprocessing.


A daily commitment

The Actioil is also committed each day by limiting its daily printing of documents and producing promotional items in recycled or biodegradable materials (pens, bags, etc.).

The company also divided its printing costs by two in 2011 by revising the format of all documentation and optimizing distribution.


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