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We are everywhere where fuel is used

Actioil was born out of the idea that there is no reason why fuels cannot be both more efficient and less polluting and help slow down the wear and tear of engines and storage tanks.

We were born in France and Canada and finally found the perfect home for a flexible and innovative company with outreach to the whole world: Singapore! Actioil is an R&D-based company with a start-up mentality deeply anchored into its DNA and the world as its playground.

Over the years we built a strong corporate presence in Europe, namely in France, Spain and Germany. In South America, Brasil is our flagship due to our particularly efficient formulas for Biofuels.

In Asia, next to our headquarters in Singapore, Taiwan is the best example of the success of our products in complicated technical environments.

Through our distribution network, we sell all over the globe.

In the coming years we will establish several new corporate structures in new geographies as we believe that customers deserve the best possible service and advisory around an optimal use of all kinds of fuels in this changing world.



Sustainable Spirit
About us

This is what drives us

Our drive is the best possible combination of ecology and productivity. Classical internal combustion engines are more and more considered as harmful to the environment, which is exactly why optimization of both fuels and engines is essential. While equipment manufacturers focus on the technological improvement of their engines, Actioil centers its work on the fuel itself and optimizes the entire chain from storage to combustion.

This is who we are

Actioil is a global team of R&D professionals, engineers, service technicians, technical sales people and management from around the world based in corporate offices in Singapore, Taipeh, Curitiba, Paris, La Reunion, Cologne and Luxemburg who already cover over 40 countries in the world.

Company history

2015 - 2019

Actioil is launching another product and can now offer solutions to almost all the problems companies face in refining, storing, distributing and using diesel. The company is entering new markets and achieving new fuel efficiency bests for diesel systems in 2018 and a breakthrough in cold protection and increased reliability in 2019. 

2010 - 2015

Actioil extends the product range with a solution for the protection and treatment of fuels during storage. Stock Cleaner not only preserves the quality of the fuel, preventing dilution and thus the build-up of microorganisms, but also provides lasting protection against corrosion for energy product storage systems. It comes to the attention of the National Petroleum Agency and IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), which releases it for trade in Brazil.

In 2012, Actioil decides to establish technical cooperation with Petrobas, one of the ten largest energy companies in the world.

In 2013, Actioil celebrates its ten-year partnership with Volvo Trucks

2005 - 2010

With its A550 for Diesel/Fuel oil and A230 for gasoline products, Actioil is now increasing combustion efficiency in cars and trucks, construction and agricultural machinery. In Asia, as in Brazil, Actioil is forging important partnerships. This is resulting in numerous studies that will test the product's effectiveness over a period of years. In some test series, more than 6 percent fuel is saved thanks to Actioil, while service intervals are greatly increased.

1999 - 2005

The company is founded by Mr. Marcel Sztabowicz and Mr. Laurent Taieb due to increasing problems related to bad fuel. Actioil sets the goal to offer antibacterial protection for fuel systems burning under high and very high pressure. The company develops and markets its first product A550 for chemical treatment of diesel engines as well as storage tanks. Actioil partners with major companies in the industry to test and improve the product. Due to the positive results, the desire to expand the product range is quickly expressed.


Making the world a bit better.

Our successes

Since the early 2000s, Actioil has been growing steadily and sustainably. In 2020, Actioil is available in over 40 countries and is constantly adapting its products to the national markets.

Actioil worldwide
  • 12 million liters production capacity of Actioil per year
  • Over 4500 points of sale
  • Available on every continent
  • More than 1000 satisfied customers worldwide!
  • Example Volvo: In 20 years of partnership with Volvo Trucks, Actioil has already marketed more than 5.8 million liters to this group, which corresponds to more than 830,000 treated engines.

Fact for experts: Through high quality collaborations with universities, laboratories and market leaders in the respective industries, Actioil is constantly adapting its products and offering the Actioil effect also for new fuels such as HVO, BtL and GtL diesel grades.


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