Actioil, the best thing that can happen to your tanks, your engines and the environment.

Fuel efficiency

This is what Actioil is made for!

Barrels used per day

Production output is 25% petrol for gazoline, 21% diesel fuels and a vast array of other products such as heating oil, kerosene and lubricants.

Tons CO2 emissions per year

According to an EIA (Energy Information Administration) forecast, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions will reach around 43.1 billion metric tons in 2050.

> %
of emissions generated by combustion engines

Over 1.5 billion combustion engines are used worldwide. Including machinery necessary for producing electric cars.

The solution: ACTIOIL

Gold medal with the number 20 and the Actioil logo; for the 20th anniversary of Actioil. 20 years of fuel efficiency

We treat fuel globally for more then 20 Years

Imagine the effect of a couple of percentage points in fuel efficiency on the world. Unleashing the improvement potential in fuels has been our company‘s purpose since we started. Actioil offers the best multifunctional solution for your fuel, equipment, vehicle and engine fleet as well as storage tanks.

Actioil - stop losing power

Actioil increases fuel efficiency

We will continue to live with combustion engines for many years to come. The development of alternatives is essential. Until then we have to optimize existing internal combustion engines. Innovative E-Fuels and new bio fuels bring up new challenges for the existing systems. While manufacturers focus on developing new engines, Actioil is working on the link between fuel quality, combustion and new fuels. 

Our Mission

Actioil solves all the challenges facing classic and innovative fuels, from refining to transport and storage to combustion. The focus is thus on increasing efficiency and protecting the environment.

Do you want to save money and be more environment-friendly?

Biofuels: Yes or No?

Actioil - stop losing power

Biofuels causing dirty filters, clogged injectors and sludge in the tank?


With Actioil you are free to choose your fuel. Whether B0 or bio fuels up to B100, made from biomass or waste material, with Actioil you won't compromise on efficiency.
Our customers and partners have been testing Actioil for years with biofuels such as B100 biodiesel and E10 gasoline with outstanding success. Contact us for more information.


You can freely use B30, E10 or tailor-made Biofuels. You will save money and help the environment. Consult with us on your specific needs.

Think further

Factually it is necessary to use new Bio & E-Fuels. Everybody can find this numbers on worldometer and the institution EIA.
Oil Reserves
years left

The combination of ever increasing car registrations and depleted oil reserves make Bio & E-Fuels an absolut necessity! 

Girl pointing a gas station fuel pump pistol to her head

Actioil - stop losing money

Your competitive advantage: Cost savings

 Whatever your fuel consumption level, the challenges are always the same: fuel   price, environmental taxes, storage costs and fleet maintenance expenses.

 Use Actioil and:

  • Store Fuel longer without quality loss
  • Reduce Maintenance costs
  • Increase the efficiency of machines

Exhaust Emissions

Actioil - start being more responsible

Modern fuels, especially those including bio-fractions, are susceptible to microbial contamination: filters get clogged and, due to natural condensation, water collects in the tanks, encouraging the growth of bacteria as well as fungi. This leads to plaque formation and faster oxidation of the diesel fuel, increased wear and consumption in the fleet and in the storage and distribution infrastructure - and uneven combustion. Bio- and synthetic content in the fuel further exacerbates these problems.

The Mission

With Actioil, we solve all the challenges facing classic and innovative fuels, from refining to transport and storage to combustion. The focus is thus on increasing efficiency and protecting the environment.

Actioil Technician. Person standing infront of two yellow Volvo Trucks from VICAT Cement
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Actioil for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil

Reduces fuel consumption.

Protects your engines, filters and tanks.

Reduces maintenance costs.

Eliminates negative effects of synthetic and biological fuels.

Tested and approved by leading manufacturers.

What's in it for me?

A business HAT-TRICK: You save money, maintenance and protect the environment

The Actioil effect: optimized fuel, clean tank systems and cleaned, more efficient engines. You save on consumption, wear and maintenance costs of your vehicles and machines. You can easily use bio and synthetic fuels without negative effects, such as clogged filters or increased consumption.
Even for use in cold weather up to -28°C.

The Actioil Effect



Do you see black when your tank is empty?

Actioil offers you the most effective cleaning for your tank systems, fuel reservoirs and for your vehicles as well as machinery fleets, both for systems with gasoline and all types of diesel. Cleaned filters and injectors in vehicles.

  • Clean yard gas stations and tankers.
  • No more mechanical cleaning of large tanks.
  • No silt, no plaque, no water replacement.


How often do you change your filters?

Actioil reduces your injector, filter and oil changes. By cleaning the system, protecting it from corrosion, Actioil products significantly increase the life of all components.

  • Nano layer protection against corrosion.
  • Blocked oxidation processes.
  • Stable fuel quality.
  • Lubricant-based reduced wear.


Cost savings?

High costs for fuel, maintenance, repair - Actioil treatment alleviates this pain. The cleaning and protective effect of Actioil, the increase in fuel quality, opens up enormous savings potential.

  • No need for expensive branded fuels.
  • Extended service intervals.
  • Increased mileage of your vehicles.
  • Better use of older engines.

The benefit for the Environment:

Actioil Users measurably contribute to the protection of the environment through the possibility of using new E- or Bio-Fuels and more efficient combustion of the fuels in the engine. Would you like to test it?

Would you like to test Actioil?

Experience of our customers:

The logistics and technical fleet department manages a fleet of busses. After a test, it was decided to use the Actioil solution for the entire fleet. Each vehicle tank was treated as well as two large fuel reservoirs.

City of Marseille, Herr Christoph Blanc, Director Technical Fleet Department.

For us as a company, Actioil is a super investment in the fleet. The reduced consumption in the fleet has convinced us to treat our vehicles.

Johannes Bär, Managing Director of Element GmbH

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